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Label: Halcyon

Halcyon is a part of Cherry Valley Music. Cherry Valley Music is the online portal for the recordings, works and studios of Molly Stier , pianist and Charles Stier , clarinetist and composer.

Charles Stier is the heir to an artistic and aesthetic tradition that goes back through his teachers and mentors (and their teachers) to the time of Mozart and the beginnings of the clarinet. He is renowned for his gorgeous tone, seamless lyricism and consummate artistry. Stier has dazzled audiences and critics alike with concerto, recital and chamber music performances in seventeen countries on three continents. He is the North American Artist Representative for Wurlitzer Clarinets.

Molly Stier traces her pianistic lineage back to Ludwig van Beethoven. A stunning musician, she is devoted to the performance of chamber music and the quality and character of her private piano studio. Her solo piano recordings are an intimate glimpse into an engaging, highly personal and refreshingly well-thought-out point of view. “An altogether attractive anthology served up in a gently lyrical manner, with unfailingly attractive tonal values, a large array of colors and a thoroughly musicianly style. This attractively programmed and evocatively performed CD is enthusiastically recommended." “ Molly Stier /Winter” reviewed by Harris Goldsmith, Piano and Keyboard Magazine.