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Catalog Number: RRC1268
Label: Regis Records
Format: CD

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Elisabeth Schwarzkopf (1915-2006)

Elisabeth Schwarzkopf Sings Lieder with Wilhelm Furtwangler (1886-1954), Walter Gieseking (l895-1956), Edwin Fischer (1886-1960) and Gerald Moore (1899-1987)

Track ListingTimeMP3
1An Chloe (Mozart; Jacobi) with Gieseking2:16
2Die Alte (Mozart; von Hagedorn) with Gieseking4:27
3Sehnsucht nach dem Fruhlinge (Mozart; Overbeck) with Gieseking1:58
4Abendempfindung )Mozart; Campe) with Moore5:15ELISABETH SCHWARZKOPF SINGS LIEDER - Abendempfindung )Mozart; Campe) with Moore
5Der Zauberer (Mozart; Weisse) with Moore2:02
6Wonne der Wehmut (Beethoven; Goethe) with Moore2:43
7Der Musensohn (Schubert; Goethe) with Fischer2:00
8Seligkeit (Schubert; Holty) with Hudez2:21ELISABETH SCHWARZKOPF SINGS LIEDER - Seligkeit (Schubert; Holty) with Hudez
9Die Forelle (Schubert; Schubart) with Hudez2:08
10Litanei (Schubert; Jacobi) with Moore5:25
11Ungeduld (Schubert; Muller) with Moore2:50
12Gretchen am Spinnrade (Schubert; Goethe) with Fischer3:22ELISABETH SCHWARZKOPF SINGS LIEDER - Gretchen am Spinnrade (Schubert; Goethe) with Fischer
13Der Nussbaum (Schumann; Mosen) with Moore3:04
14Auftrage (Schumann; L'Egru) with Moore2:17
15Da unten im Tale (Brahms) with Moore2 :19
16Och Mod'r, ich well en Ding han! (Brahms) with Moore1:41ELISABETH SCHWARZKOPF SINGS LIEDER - Och Mod'r, ich well en Ding han! (Brahms) with Moore
17Vergebliches Standchen (Brahms) with Moore1:38
18Hat gesagt bleibt's nicht dabei (Strauss; Wunderhorn) with Moore1:56
19Schlechtes Wetter (Strauss; Heine) with Moore2:11
20Wiegenlied (im Sommer) (Wolf; Reinick) with Moore3:12ELISABETH SCHWARZKOPF SINGS LIEDER - Wiegenlied (im Sommer) (Wolf; Reinick) with Moore
21Mausfallen-Spruchlein (Wolf; Heine) with Moore1:06
22Schlafendes Jesuskind (Wolf; Morike) with Furtwangler3:25
23Epiphanias (Wolf; Goethe) with Furtwangler4:29
24Was soll der Zorn, mein Schatz (Wolf; Heyse & Geibel) with Furtwangler2:01ELISABETH SCHWARZKOPF SINGS LIEDER - Was soll der Zorn, mein Schatz (Wolf; Heyse & Geibel) with Furtwangler
25Herr, was tragt der Boden hier (Wolf; Heyse & Geibel) with Furtwangler2:54
26Wie glanzt der helle Mond (Wolf; Keller) with Furtwangler3:43
27Lebewohl (Wolf;Monike) with Furtwangler2:19

"(with Furtwangler) from the 1953 Salzburg Festival...intensity of the occasion was breathtaking, especially in the blazing rage of 'Was soll der Zorn' of the heartbreak of 'Herr, was tragt der Boden hier'...the recording brings alive a unique partnership - the young Schwarzkopf captured in lovely fresh voice early in her career and Furtwangler in a rare appearance as accompanist...nothing like her live recordings to show her as she was at her best...Wolf recitals like this do not come round very often." (with Fischer) "listen to this recital, one of the greatest discs of Schubert singing ever...truly inspired by Fischer, who at once overawed and inspired the singer...she throws caution utterly to the winds, forgets herself and astonishes us" (with Gieseking)..."the voice seems even fresher and younger; perhaps an accident of time and place but a happy one since it corresponds to the nature of the music." (all (c) Gramophone).