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BAKER, JANET: English Song Anthology

BAKER, JANET: English Song Anthology

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Catalog Number: RRC1265
Label: Regis Records
Format: CD

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Categories: Vocal Music

Performers: Janet Baker, Marin Isepp

English Song Anthology

Songs of:
Vaughan Williams, Ireland, Head, Armstrong-Gibb, Dunhill, Warlock, Howells, Gurney and Finzi

Janet Baker, voice
Martin Isepp, piano

Track ListingTimeMP3
1The Call (1911, from Five Mystical Songs)
(Ralph Vaughan Williams 1872-1958)
2Youth and Love (1904, Songs of Travel)
(Vaughan Williams)
3A Thanksgiving (1938)
(John Ireland 1879-1962)
1:53BAKER, JANET: English Song Anthology - A Thanksgiving (1938)  (John Ireland 1879-1962)
4Her Song (1925, Songs to Thomas Hardy Poems)
5A Piper (1923)
(Michael Dewar Head 1900-76)
6This is a Sacred City (By a Bierside) (1924)
(Cecil Armstrong Gibbs, 1889-1960)
2:19BAKER, JANET: English Song Anthology - This is a Sacred City (By a Bierside) (1924) (Cecil Armstrong Gibbs, 1889-1960)
7Love is a Sickness, Op.44/1 (1922)
(Armstrong Gibbs)
8The Cloths of Heaven, Op.30/3 (1916?)
(Thomas Frederick Dunhill, 1877-1946)
(trad, 16th Cent. arr Peter Warlock) (1894-1930)
1:57BAKER, JANET: English Song Anthology - Balulalow (trad, 16th Cent. arr Peter Warlock) (1894-1930)
10Youth (1928)
(Peter Warlock)
11KIng David (1921)
(Herbert Howells, 1892-1983)
12Come Sing and Dance (1928)
3:31BAKER, JANET: English Song Anthology - Come Sing and Dance (1928)  (Howells)
13Sleep (from 5 Elizabethan Songs)
(Ivor Gurney, 1890-1937)
14I Will Go with My Father a-ploughing
15To the Queen of heaven (Thomas Dunhill)
from Let us Garlands Bring, Op.18, 1942)(Gerald Finzi, 1901-56)
2:18BAKER, JANET: English Song Anthology - To the Queen of heaven (Thomas Dunhill)from Let us Garlands Bring, Op.18, 1942)(Gerald Finzi, 1901-56)
16Come away, come away, Death3:40
17It was a lover and his kiss2:37

"The great thing is that the records are back again and 'glorious' is indeed the word, for both (ie also "Janet Baker sings Lieder" RRC 1225).. The voice is absolutely radiant, the glow of youth upon it: firm, resonant, superbly controlled, and strikingly individual. The selection of songs couldn't be better; all are gems, especially the two by Howells, which are also two of the most inspired in performance. I found Ivor Gurney's I will go with my father a-ploughing almost unaccountably moving, and Dame Janet's singing of Finzi's Come away, death shows her already the mistress of the art of softening and colouring the voice to the most lovely effect...Martin Isepp's playing is always sympathetic and particularly good in Warlock songs. Balance favours the voice...but these are glorious discs"
J.B. Steane, Gramophone