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Molly Newton: Winter

Molly Newton: Winter

Catalog Number: HP-30106
Label: Halcyon
Format: CD

Available: 25
Price: $9.99

Bach: Sinfonia No.15 in B minor BWV 801
Bartók: from Rumanian Christmas Carols; 1st Series No.1,2,3,6,7 and 8; 2nd Series No.2,9 and 10
Beethoven: Bagatelle in G minor Op.119, No.1
Busoni: Christmas Night
Chopin: Winter Wind Op.25, No.11
Debussy: Footsteps in the Snow; The Snow is Dancing
Gade: from Noël Op.36
Fauré: Claire de Lune (Menuet) Op.46, No.2; The Christmas Bells; The Boys Round; Dance of the Young Girls
Mendelssohn: The Sighing Wind Op.102, No.4
Mozart: Fantasy in D minor K.397
Prokofieff: Prélude Op.12, No.7
Scarlatti: Sonata in D Major K.119, L.415
Schumann: Pleading Child Op.15, No.4; Perfectly Contented Op.15, No.5; Remembrance Op.68, No.28; At the Firseside Op.15, No.8; Little Cradle Song Op.124, No.6; Wintertime II Op.68, No.39; Fantasy Dance Op.124, No.5
Stier: I died for beauty Op.2, No.7
Tchaikovsky: January (By the Hearth) Op.37a, No.1; February (Carnival) Op.37a, No.2

Molly (Newton) Stier, piano

Track ListingTimeMP3
1Scarlatti: Sonata in D Major, K119, L4153:52
2J.S. Bach: Sinfonia No. 15 in B minor BWV 8011:08
3Mozart: Fantasy in D minor, K.3975:51
4Beethoven: Bagatelle in G minor, Op. 119 No. 11:46
5Pleading Child0.57Molly Newton: Winter - Pleading Child
6Perfectly Contented0:52
8At the Fireside1:10
9Little Cradle Song1:39
10Wintertime ll4:19Molly Newton: Winter - Wintertime ll
11Fantasy Dance0:49
Niels W. Gadefrom Noel
12No. 1 The Christmas Bells2:19
13No. 3 The Boys Round0:49
14No. 4 Dance of the Young Girls2:41
15Mendelssohn: The Sighing Wind2:27Molly Newton: Winter - Mendelssohn: The Sighing Wind
16Stier: I Died for Beauty1:46
17Faure: Clair de Lune (Menuet)3:37
18Prokofiev: Prelude, Oo. 12, No. 72:49
19January (By the Hearth) Op. 17a, No.14:57
20February (Carnival) Op. 37a, No.23:11Molly Newton: Winter - February (Carnival) Op. 37a, No.2
21Footsteps in the Snow5:50
22The Snow is Dancing2:56
Bartok: from Romainian Christmas Carols 1st Series
23No. 1 Allegro0:28
24No. 2 Allegro0:16
25No. 3 Allegro0:40Molly Newton: Winter - No. 3 Allegro
26No. 6 Andante0:36
27No. 7 Andante0:32
28No. 8 Allegretto0:37
from Romainian Christmas Carols 2nd Series
29No. 2 Moderato0:24
30No. 9 Allegretto0:24Molly Newton: Winter - No. 9 Allegretto
31No. 10 Allegro0:35
32Busoni: Christmas Night3:59
33Chopin: Winter Wind, Op. 25, No. 114:25

"A splendid collection of pieces…an engaging and highly personal manner. A generous selection of lovely pieces performed with a refreshingly original point of view."
Fanfare -- The Magazine for Serious Record Collectors March/April 1997

"An altogether attractive anthology served up in a gently lyrical manner, with unfailingly attractive tonal values, a large array of colors and a thoroughly musicianly style. This attractively programmed and evocatively performed CD is enthusiastically recommended."
Piano & Keyboard March/April 1998