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Cameos: Charles Stier/Molly Newton

Cameos: Charles Stier/Molly Newton

Catalog Number: HP-30103
Label: Elan
Format: CD

Available: 13
Price: $9.99

American Simple Gifts (Shaker Tune)
Barat: Pièce in G minor
Brahms: Cradle Song
Britten: The Ash Grove; Trees They Grow So High
Debussy: Petite Pièce
Dvorák: Romantic Piece
Fauré: Romance sans paroles
Foster: Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair; Beautiful Dreamer
Gluck: Melody
Goeyens: Berceuse
Handel: Allegro; Siciliana and Presto
Haydn: Menuet
MacDowell: To A Wild Rose
Mendelssohn: Andante
Mozart: Andante
Saint-Säens: The Swan
Schubert: Ave Maria
Schumann: Träumerei
Shostakovich: Lyrical Waltz
Tartini: Grave
Tchaiskovsky: Old French Song; Sweet Reveries; The Organ Grinder
Vaughan Williams: from Studies in English Folk-Song
Wanhal: Adagio cantabile

Charles Stier, clarinet
Molly (Newton) Stier, piano

Track ListingTimeMP3
1Dvorak: Allegro appassionato!:35
2Tartino: Grave in F Major2:03
3Handel: Siciliana and Presto2:40
4Mozart: Andante in E-flat Major2:21
5Gluck: Melody3:36
6Haydn: Menuet1:46
7Schubert: Ave Maria3:26
8Schumann: Taumerei2:20
9Brahms: Cradle Song1:31
10The Cradle Song1:05Cameos: Charles Stier/Molly Newton - The Cradle Song
11Sweet Reveries1:47
12The Organ Grinder0:43
13Wanhal: Adagio cantabile3:16
14Handel: Allegro in F Major1:50
15Mendelssohn: Andante4:16
16Anonymous American: Simple Gifts (Shaker Tune)2:09
17The Ash Grove2:03
18Trees They Grow So High2:16
Vaughn Williams
20Andante sostenuto1:25Cameos: Charles Stier/Molly Newton - Andante sostenuto
22McDowell: To a Wild Rose1:30
23Saint-Saens; The Swan2:17
24Goeyens: Berecuse3:43
25Jamie With the Light Brown Hair1:29
26Bueatiful Dreamer1:27
28Debussy: Petite Piece1:41
29Faure: Romance sans paroles2:55
30Barat: Piece in G minor3:57Cameos: Charles Stier/Molly Newton - Barat: Piece in G minor

"This is an unabashed collection of miniatures, all lyrical, all effortlessly played. Stier has a tone as smooth as white chocolate. This disc is entirely successful."
Fanfare -- The Magazine for Serious Record Collectors March/April 1995

"Well chosen and delightfully played by Charles Stier and Molly (Newton) Stier. This music sounds the way Belgian chocolate tastes."
The Washington Post November 1994